About us

Volume 4 céramiquesEach Volume is a unique piece, hand-built by artists and craftsmen from all over the world.

The selected vases are sculptural but also functional, when accompanied by flowers they will highlight your arrangements and take on a new character.

Without a doubt, these pieces have moved us. We hope you will experience as much joy unpacking your pieces as we had in selecting them for you!

Volume 4

The new Collection Volume 4 reflects a palette of know-how and a love of the hand-made, for a motionless journey from Paris to Cape Town, via Japan, Spain, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Burgundy.

Discover a vocabulary of shapes and textures, with a specific story for each of the creators highlighted in this first Volume. With a generous chromatic palette, which plays on both the contrasts and the natural tones that we seek at this moment.

For this new collection, Volume Ceramics continues the dialogue between contemporary and vintage pieces. We hope that these exceptional objects, unearthed through encounters, explorations and travels, live with you on a daily basis, and come to find a new meaning in your interior.